Reopening perpetual leasehold scheme considered in Amsterdam

Did you already live in an Amsterdam owner-occupied home before 8 January 2020 and do you pay annually for ground lease? The municipality of Amsterdam is considering reopening the attractive perpetual ground lease scheme. Anyone who met the conditions in 2020, but for whatever reason let the scheme pass, will be given a second chance.

Selling a house? Think of the leasehold

Leasehold on a home is an important factor in the sale value of your home. If you have already bought off the ground lease perpetually in 2020, a future buyer of your home has ‘forever’ certainty in the amount of the ground lease. A nice plus for your home.

Without such an arrangement, the ground lease can be increased annually. With the average Amsterdam house prices, that can be quite expensive. If you want to sell your home at the end of this year or later and you have not yet made use of the scheme, do not let this second chance pass you by.

Contact Metropool Makelaars: we are happy to tell you about our service and the best conditions (including ground lease) to sell your house in the best possible way.

Attractive offer

The perpetual ground lease scheme is attractive for several reasons. For instance: the lowest WOZ value from 2015 or 2016 is used in the calculation. The neighborhood street quote (BSQ) of 2017 is also used in the calculation. The total sum is calculated on the basis of years in which the WOZ value of homes and the BSQ of streets and neighborhoods are significantly lower than nowadays. Finally, the premium of 35% is also used, while in current calculations this is only 25%.

Respond to the offer from the municipality of Amsterdam

The municipality will hold a consultation round about the decision from June to September. After that, the scheme will most likely be reopened. Eligible residents will be notified personally. If you receive a letter from the municipality about the perpetual leasehold, be sure to take action.

Do you have plans to sell your house?