This is our new office and it is located in Amstelveen!

In May we will move to a beautiful new office in Amstelveen. We will soon open our doors at Amsterdamseweg 71.

Together with a mortgage advisor, a tax advisor and a purchase broker, we form a one-stop-shop in Amstelveen. Under one roof you will find everything you need to make your dream wishes come true.

To Amstelveen

On this page we will keep you informed about the renovation and new furnishing of the Amstelveen office.

And of course: for the next eleven weeks we will be happy to help you from our office in Diemen. Afterwards you are very welcome at the new location in beautiful Amstelveen.

Do you want to sell your house now? Then we will plan our first introductory meeting with you from Diemen and together we will complete the sale of your house in Amstelveen!

Call us on 020 – 227 21 19 for an appointment or fill in the contact form for a free valuation of your home.

Working in our new office

Our new office is being finalized at 71 Amsterdamseweg in Amstelveen. With a completely new stylish interior, a unique place in a beautiful building has been created.

Moving to another address

We are still working hard on our beautiful new office in Amstelveen. After delivery, we will prepare for the move to Amsterdamseweg 71.

Van Diemen naar Amstelveen

Only 11 weeks left before we can move to our beautiful, new, own office: Amsterdamseweg 71 in Amstelveen.

The best offer on your home

100% specialized in selling homes.

Full-service services

Tailored to achieve the highest possible sales proceeds!